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Days is a free app that helps you keep track of time since or until certain events (started as "Days without an incident" - inspired by those signs on factory floors) with one tap setup (for basic tracking) and more customizable options as well. I'm actually surprised at the amount of people that stumble onto it on the App Store already (with the current amount of zero marketing), but could definitely use some ASO tips to get it in front of more people. Thanks!

Hi Žiga. Apologies for the delay - I've just moved into a new place and it's been a hectic week!

For no marketing, it seems like Days has been doing well. I reviewed some relevant keywords and you seem to be ranking for most of them (although not your brand name, Days... yet).

There are also many niche use cases you can target, like smoking tracker. The only downfall is that you will be competing against products that were specifically made for that use case so it may be harder for you to rank highly for.

I wouldn't touch your current Title and Subtitle keywords as they tend to hit all the core phrases you need. Niche use case keywords can be added into your hidden 100 character keyword section in AppStore Connect (less risk).

Instead, I'd focus on conversion rate optimization as this will help you increase your rankings for the keywords above. There are many approaches to this:

Upload a new app icon

Testing app icons on the App Store is a risky move, but it can have a tremendous impact on your conversion rates as it's typically the first asset users look at when browsing.

Personally I love your icon, but it may be difficult for some users to quickly digest and understand the functionality while scrolling through results. Perhaps using some kind of iconography that showcases the core functionality.

Again, high risk of potential for high reward!

Test new screenshots

Your current screenshots are dead simple, which IMO works to your benefit as the core offering is easy to explain and doesn't need a lot of "fluff". That said, there's a couple things you can add that may help you rank higher for your core keywords:
  1. Put keyword phrases into your first 3 screenshot text captions. This can help convert users who find you when it's a similar/exact match to their search query.
  2. Use a layout that enlarges your screens. Outside of your 1st screenshot, the rest of your screens show use cases. I'd move towards a format that enlarges those so that they are more legible from Apple Search results. Example:

You can even test new screenshots with Apple Search Ad's Creative Sets, albeit you need a small budget. I explain how to do this in a blog post.

Hope this was helpful! Feel free to post if you have any questions and I'd love to know if you end up changing anything :)
Thanks Tim!

Thank you very much for taking your time for such a detailed write-up, despite your hectic moving week. 

These are really good suggestions and I will definitely attempt to take all of them into account when updating my app's information - definitely starting with improving the screenshots - that should definitely be my first step!

Thanks again!
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