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I am a developer, maker, traveler and volunteer. I'm into technology, entrepreneurship, stoicism, minimalism, fasting, sports, couchsurfing and I love challenging the limitations I encounter.

I make amicu.app.

In terms of keywords I used appfigures.com and other tools, but I currently focus more on product and marketing work and not on ASO. I'm not sure how to iteratively improve keywords as I don't have enough data yet.

For screenshots my biggest pain point is having a consistent database state plus proper simulator contacts. I can set my specific app state to a data snapshot. But I didn't find a solution for the contacts.

Saving contacts with images on the simulator takes time.

Hey Kai,

I see you made changes to your Title and Subtitle in your 1.06 release on May 28th. Did you see any keyword movements or impression/install increases since then?

I completely understand about the generator tool. It's a pain in the butt to export the exact assets you need from it. I would continue to use your current screens but play around with the formatting.

As you said, it's difficult to iterate on keywords when there isn't much data. But it also gives you an opportunity to try new ASO strategies without much risk ;) 

I did some digging into some potential keywords and found some interesting findings.


I made searches around keeping in touch with friends vs birthday reminders and there is a strong favor towards user queries around birthdays.

Since you have features for both, perhaps you can change your App Store keyword strategies and screenshots to focus first on birthdays. Users who come in for birthday reminders can end up using the friend reminder feature as well.

Here are my keyword findings:

Many of the birthday reminder keywords are long-tail keywords, which have smaller monthly search volume but less competition, giving you a better chance to rank higher for them. 

Some of them that seem like promising targets:
  • birth day reminder
  • happy birthday reminder
  • track birthday
  • bday


If you do end up focusing on birthdays, I would reorder and potentially redesign your first 2 screenshots to emphasize that value proposition.

Some thoughts on screenshots:
  • Design is great! Colors pop and the app screen + caption is very legible.
  • Your first 3 screenshots are the most important as they appear in search results. I would replace your 2nd screenshot with something else as the user testimonies will be impossible to read without the user tapping on your listing.
  • If you focus on birthdays I would move your 3rd screenshot to the 1st position and add another related birthday screenshot next to it.
  • A great way to increase your ranking for certain keywords is to add them into your text captions. Check out the list above and see what you could replace.

What do you think? I am also happy to help brainstorm on your title, subtitle and hidden keywords :)
Wow, thanks for the detailed feedback!

"Did you see any keyword movements or impression/install increases since then?"

Nothing significant that I can attribute with confidence. I had peak impressions from mid march to mid april. After that it's pretty flat.

I thought birthday keywords are too competitive so far. I will think about it. Birthdays are also a secondary feature at least concept-wise. I mostly use the app to remind me to catch up with people from time to time. But it's true that more people search for this.

"testimonies will be impossible to read without the user tapping on your listing." Good point. I didn't think about the fact that it's hard to read without tapping. Would you still keep it later on?

You mean adding keywords to the screenshot captions? What are hidden keywords?

Thank you again!
There's a lot more competition for birthday related keywords but there's also a ton more keywords for you to target. Sadly I just can't find many friend reminder related keywords, which may indicate that there isn't as many search queries specifically for that.

The approach is to find 2 long-tail birthday keywords and focus all your efforts on charting highly for them.

I don't see a problem with keeping the testimonial screen! Users only see your first 3 screens from search and the only other way they can view them is by tapping on your listing.

When they do this your app screenshots will be much larger. If the user scrolls they should be able to read it no problem. Food for thought, though: not many users scroll past the 3rd screenshot so I would anticipate that any screenshot outside of your first 3 will be seen.

When I talk about hidden keywords I'm talking about this field:

100 keyword characters to utilize. They aren't given as much priority as your Title and Subtitle keywords but they are integral towards forming keyword phrases between your different keyword fields as keywords don't need to be next to each other to form phrase.