Developer of Kidcentric
Love app development and interested in ASO

Kidcentric Parenting App

Hey Tim, thank you so much for taking the time to do this I truly appreciate it. I've been working on ASO for the last 6 months with no true success. I know the screenshots need a lot of work and I think I'm going to use your tool to fix them up! I've built an all in one parenting tracker that allows parents that have children of any age to keep track of their milestones, achievements, medical information (height, weight, allergies, vaccinations), school work, extracurriculars, arts and crafts, etc. The app also has a section for parents to create journals to write about their child's development. It can act like a time capsule that parents can look back on. I'm having a really hard time getting downloads. I average about 3 per day. I've tried adding more popular terms like baby tracker to the title instead of parenting organizer but to no avail. Any keyword advice, screenshot advice, etc is truly appreciated! I'm 18 so my ASO budget is pretty limited. Thanks again Tim! 

Here is a link to the app: