Roma Sosnovsky

Hi Tim, it'll be great to have some feedback from such experienced ASO guy!

I have a simple app for interval running Interval Run Timer
It was growing great when quarantine started in March (along with other apps in Sport category). But now impressions are declining and I'm trying to find the way to make them grow again.

Conversion rate is around 10%, which is quite good I think, just need to have better keywords for improving positions in App Store Search results. Do you have any ideas?

Wow, Tim, thanks for so many insights! I'm 100% adding "jog" and "tracker" to my keywords list and updating subtitle, hope it'll improve my rankings :)
Tim Jones replied
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Hey Roma! Nice to meet you :)

Sorry to hear COVID had a negative impact on growth. Hopefully that corrects itself soon as running is a great way to social distance!

Since impressions are down and your conversion rate is solid I'd recommend focusing your efforts on building your keyword distribution, or the amount of keywords you're ranking for.

Keyword insights

I see a lot of opportunity to build out your keywords! Below is a list of potential US keyword phrases you can begin targeting. I've starred the ones I see high potential in:

While tracker is a word that can have multiple meanings, it's still quite relevant to your app and it helps build a many different keyword phrases for you.

Also worth noting that you aren't charting for many keywords related to jog. Quite relevant, but perhaps best left for your hidden keyword field.

Ideal for in your Subtitle also don't provide you with any keyword juice, only user clarity. Might be worth utilizing this space for some keywords that pertain to user search queries.

Another side-note: Apple gives you some keywords for free including your app's category and and subcategory names. That means the keyword Fitness already works for your app and you can replace it in your Subtitle with something else. I didn't see any keywords with Fitness in them that you rank high for, but it's worth noting that removing it from your Subtitle may impact those keywords.

I'm happy to help you craft your keywords but you can also review my blog post for keyword optimization that explains the ins-and-outs of how each keyword field works together.

Conversion rate optimization

Curious, is that conversion rate for App Store Search? App Units by Impressions:

I'm pushing LaunchMatic's new payment model next week that allows you to put your app screens into devices and add text captions to emphasize your core features. Perhaps you can increase your conversion rate even more with some designed screenshots! Would love your feedback once it's out :)

Let me know if you have any questions. More than happy to help out!