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CallTap is a premium app to record and transcribe phone calls on your iPhone. It offers pay-as-you-go packages and subscriptions. I'm not getting as many organic downloads as I would like. I'd love to get ASO recommendations
I didn't know you can do that.

I was curious how it works. Only the YouTube video explains it very well, but I find the video not so professional. The music doesn't fit in my opinion. The copy could be more concise. The font color with the background isn't as readable. I also don't like the font in the video. I'd use the same as in the screenshots.

I think you can simplify the video into an app preview, if you don't have it already. I can't check as your App is not in the German store. This could show how it works in seconds.
Hello again!

I'm looking at your old keywords. You've done really well for all the transcribe related keywords, mostly due to the fact that most are long-tail and don't have much competition. The trade-off is that your growth is limited there as search volume is low.

The next opportunity is focusing on record call related keywords, which you seem to have done well with your current Title and Subtitle. From this point on I would focus entirely on conversion rate optimization through screenshots and an app preview video.

About 30-40% of the top 10 apps for call recorder have an app preview video. This will autoplay in search results and can help catch the eye of people scrolling.

You might be able to do a very simple one with the online Veed video editor. Have a splash screen that showcases record related keywords, showcase how to merge & record calls, and show the transcription UI + share. The best part is you should be able to do this entirely through Quicktime's screen recording feature (no generator).

There are a few possibilities for reformatting your screenshots without a lot of overhead:
  1. Replacing the first screen (recording list) with one of a phone call being recorded. Also worth noting that the first and second screen you show is the recording list, so may help showcase functionality better.
  2. If you don't go with a preview video, create a splash screenshot that is in the first position that simply and clearly mentions the target keywords.

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