Marius Rackwitz

Hey everyone! I'm a technical cofounder at not less but better. I love to spend time consciously online and offline, the latter mostly to work out, in various ways: weight lifting, dancing, swimming, running...

not less but better - A new approach to digital mindfulness

We managed to go on air with our habit change app and got almost 15min prime time on nation-wide TV in Germany. Whoop whoop πŸ”₯ You know Shark Tank? The German spin-off is called "Die HΓΆhle der LΓΆwen" - lion's den. Sharks, lions, angels? Confusing world.

After a few rounds of debating with Apple Review, we also managed a to get our app up for Pre-Order. (Note to myself: add an extra week for this next time. The rules on Pre-Order are not clear at all...)

So now our app listing is already online and we would like to make the best of it,
so that users can find us while we are still putting finishing touches on the app,
getting ready for the real launch.

I think the concept is already getting quite clear from our app screenshots and the listing description. But you're the screenshot and ASO guru. How can we do even better?