Hi Tim!

Unlisted provides new phone numbers on demand for anytime you'd rather not give out your real number. It is available worldwide but it only has US & Canadian numbers (+1 country code). You can call, text, send pics, etc. — everything your real phone can do just with a separate phone number.

I'd love to hear your input about how we can improve ASO for Unlisted!

iOS: apps.apple.com/us/app/id539640635
Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id...
Website: unlistedapp.com
Yo, Erik!

Keywords for this niche industry are limiting and highly competitive. Looking at your current keyword distribution shows that you're ranking between 12-20 for your high value keywords (US), so I think your current implementation takes the cake for now.

Instead I would focus more on your creative elements to see how they can impact your conversion rate and increase those rankings to put you into the top 10.

App Icon

Icons have a considerable impact on conversion rates, but they are a risky asset to test since Apple does not let you A/B test them.

I'd play around with making it a bit more minimal, with more emphasis on burner or 2nd number. Looking at the top 20 apps for 2nd number and burner keywords shows a similar theme: most have some kind of iconography or wording that emphasizes the core offering (🔥 or 2️+).

This is something you can easily test with Google Play Experiments to see if there's any uptick in conversion. If positive, you can push to the App Store.


Dope screenshots ;) 

Perhaps make the background color match your app icon color as they are slightly different. I doubt this will make a different but it helps with general branding.

I'd recommend playing around with different layouts to see what sticks. Better emphasis on the app screens that showcase the UI, which I believe will set you apart from the other burner apps (they look like 💩).

App Preview

I think this is the big opportunity for Unlisted.

I've noticed that a lot of the apps within the top 10 for your keywords have an app preview video. I'd look into creating something simple as it will auto-play from Apple Search and can attract users as they scroll.

You can record your screen with Quicktime and use Veed or iMovie to edit it. Or find a freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr to add some flare for a (hopefully) small fee.
Tim Jones I see you commented on both CallTap and Unlisted about conversion rates. Can you share us some insight on how sensitive the keyword rankings are to conversion rates? I mean do we need to increase conversion from 2% to 4% to have significant rankings change or do even small steps produce material changes?

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