Here is the link to my game: Moonshades RPG 

I want to make the game more visible in the search results. On Google play it is relatively good, but on App Store the download per day is ten times less.

Hello! Cool game :)

Games work a bit differently from apps as there's not that many keywords you can target and a lot more competition. Your best bet is to focus on your creative elements (App icon, screenshots, preview video) as they can have an enormous impact on your conversion rate, which will help boost your rankings.

Here's a few thoughts on what you can do:

Test a new app icon

Have you noticed that a lot of game icons are close ups of a characters yelling face? There's a reason for that - it can help increase installs.

I worked at InMobi (mobile ad network) and we dealt with a lot of mobile games. I saw dramatic changes in conversion rates when some developers changed their app icon to a close-up of a face. Perhaps it's worth a try changing the app icon to see if it has an impact?

Screenshots & Preview

Your landscape screenshots look great, but only 1 screenshot will show in App Store Search. Some ideas to test:
  1. Use concept art + bold description
  2. Add captions to your screenshots that mention your biggest keywords. This can help increase conversion rates for them, thus increasing your ranking.
  3. Upload an app preview! This will automatically play when a user scrolls to it, catching their eye. You can record some footage easily with Quicktime.

A/B Testing

You can test your app preview and screenshots through Apple Search Ad's Creative Sets feature. It will take a budget anywhere between $50-400 but it will limit your risk when changing creatives.

I wrote up an in-depth blog post about how to utilize it here.

Let me know what you think!
Thank you very much Tim! I will try your suggestions.
Of course! Would love it if you followed up with some data regarding the changes you made. The feedback loop will help me better understand next steps :)

Best of luck!

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