Looking to get a bit more traction in the highly competitive fintech space. Currently a UK only app. One thing I wonder is should I open up to more territories even though we only work with UK accounts at the moment and therefore cater for users outside of the UK with UK accounts (expats mainly). I just worry then about making this clear enough and not attracting loads of one-star reviews along the lines of "doesn't work in [country]"


Hey Iain. Always fun working with you on Moneyhub!

It's a tricky situation as you're up against industrial leaders who have unlimited budgets to run on ads.

I do see a huge opportunity for Moneyhub in the UK & beyond though!

Catering to your UK audience

Last year I did an unsolicited redesign of Personal Capital's screenshots. I'm a very engaged user and wanted to flex my creative skills to see if I could create something better. This is what I came up with.

Since you are currently focused entirely in the UK, the number of banks you are limited to is niche to that market. Your UK users are very familiar with those banks and are looking for services such as your to integrate with them.

This allows you to cater your screenshots and keywords to target each use these integrations:

I also did some research into keywords for each of the largest UK banks. Volume scores are HUGE and many have less than 100 results (some less than 10!).

Throwing each of these keywords into your hidden keyword field will help you chart for them. Showcasing their logos in your screenshots will help you convert those searches.Β 

And the bonus: when you open up into new markets you can use this strategy to target those banks!

Side note: If Apple rejects the keyword changes due to utilization of brand names I would counter and say you offer services for those brands.

I could possible repurpose these custom screenshot designs made for Personal Cap for Moneyhub... if you're interested let's chat on email or ASO Stack :)

Opening up to other regions

I'd refrain from opening the app to different regions until you have services to provide there. You nailed it on the head; you may get a lot of bad reviews if you do so which will make your entry into those markets more difficult. You may also run into issues with Apple who may reject it due to limited functionality.

Instead I would create a waiting list on your website. Users from different regions can sign up there.

Hope this was helpful. Not lying when I say I enjoy brainstorming with you on Moneyhub!

Thanks Tim, awesome insight as always! The keyword thing is a good point, always been wary due to the branded terms and deemed as bidding on competitors but you are absolutely right in that this isn't really the case and we offer services for the brands. I guess I need to bite the bullet and drop those very obvious keywords that I just can't rank for well and try this.

Also loving the screenshots idea, will hit you up on ASO Slack :D
I wouldn't drop your highest volume keywords in your Title and Subtitle yet. I think they add clarity for new users coming in (also risky).

This strategy would be focused on your hidden keyword field in the beginning, with bankΒ being a keyword you add in your Title/Subtitle as it will help create better phrases with the bank names in your hidden field.

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