Hi Tim,

Thanks for your readiness to help!
Could you please take a look at the Hily App. Google Play and App Store.

I've been working on ASO improvements for a while, that's why maybe there are any blind spots that I don't see. I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Thanks in advance!
Hi Natalie!

I believe I've seen Hily mentioned a few times in Phiture's ASO Stack Slack group. Are you a member?

I took a look at Hily and it seems like you've touched on all the ASO areas I'd typically recommend: keywords, localization, culturalized screenshots, etc. It looks great!

Instead, I'll share how I started an international ASO team from my time as the Growth Manager at Keepsafe Photo Vault. Maybe it will be relevant to you.

Some background: Photo Vault was an international company when I started but didn't have any resources invested towards ASO, especially outside the US.

It's impossible to do impactful keyword research & screenshot localization for languages & cultures you don't understand, so I hired a team of international contractors to work with me in all our core languages.

Bonus points if they fall into your target demo!

The process:
  1. Used Upwork to hire native speakers with analytical backgrounds (copywriting/SEO) in each of our core languages
  2. Trained them on ASO and got them using AppTweak without oversight
  3. Worked with them to set an ongoing ASO strategy for that country
  4. Hopped on a call to review the data from ASO changes the week prior
  5. Gave them a first look at new screenshot assets to make sure they passed the cultural bar

It took a month to get the team up and running but eventually they became autonomous and were able to train new ASO contractors themselves. We saw massive international growth from this, all while on a small (>$4k/mo) budget.

Not sure what ASO team Hily has (outside of you, of course!) but the ability to hop on a video call with someone living in a country you're targeting is incredibly useful. Also takes a TON of work off your plate.

One fun learning I made during this time: be wary of the font you're using in Japan, as we were using a Chinese font for Japanese characters and it hurt adoption. As soon as we changed the font we saw a 15-20% increase in conversion rates!

Hope this was helpful. Would love to hear more about Hily!
Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. Our team has somehow similar structure. We work with locals from different countries, they help us with Performance Marketing and ASO. 

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