My app is called Feelyou on the App Store and Google Play Store.
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Just launched on July(iOS) and August(Android), and I'm struggling with catchphrases and taglines.Β  Is "Social mood diary" clear for you?

Thank you!
Hello! Would love to take a look :)

Seems like your focus right now is install growth, so I'll focus my efforts on some ideas for how you can begin moving the needle there.

I did a bit of digging into potential keywords for you to target. After reading some user reviews there seemed to be a theme about Feelyou helping with anxiety! I incorporated that into my research:

There are a few highly relevant keywords here that you should be targeting. These low volume (or long-tail) keywords are important for continued growth. Adding them into your Subtitle and hidden keyword field will help you rank for them over time.

Some additional tips (iOS):
  • Your title & subtitle hold the most keyword priority, so making sure you have relevant and high volume keywords here is important. (your title is great btw, I wouldn't change it)
  • I would rethink you current Subtitle, as One tap doesn't contribute to any user search queries or keywords. Look at the list above and see what would be more relevant. You can also read my blog post on how keyword phrases work & how you can craft them for the most impact.
  • One way to begin targeting new phrases is to add them into your Subtitle.Β Self care wellness diary will help you track forΒ wellnessΒ related keywords. Once you see aΒ 
  • Your screenshot captions make sense but I find the English is grammatically odd. Maybe look them over again? Happy to help out if you need!
  • I would review how you can add keywords into your text captions. Can potentially help with your conversion rate, which will help you begin ranking higher.

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