Bass Booster is a Music Player that let's you play music from your library, download from the cloud and listen to Radio. It allows you to boost the bass and improve the overall sound with a 10-band equalizer.

I'm looking into improving the conversion rate which is 2.5%
Hey Dylan! I could use an app like this (my neighbors would disagree, though).

Is that 2.5% conversion rate the ratio of impressions to installs? What if you changed the Source to just Apple Search? Example:

AppTweak shows the Music category has a 7.5% conversion rate from Search Impression to App Unit (install). Take with a grain of salt, but definitely shows there a bit of room for improvement.

It seems like you have good keyword distribution already (amount of relevant keywords you already rank for) but your ranking positions are a bit low. This may be one reason why your conversion rate is suffering.

I would target 3 or 4 long-tail (low volume) keyword phrases that are highly relevant to Bass Booster and emphasis to them in your store listing.

  • Keep keyword phrases together in your Title/Subtitle. Users who see an exact match to their search query may be more susceptible to installing.
  • Add the target keywords into your screenshot text captions. Your first 3 screenshots are the most important for organic installs as they show up in App Store Search and there have been studies that show that keywords in screenshots will help increase conversion rate for them.
  • Think about replacing the girl (very brand related) with another visual of the equalizer as it's the core product offering helps showcase the product offering and adds extra relevance to any equalizer search queries.
  • Do a small Apple Search Ad spend ($50-200) to test different screenshot ordering. I'd see what happens when you remove the 1st screenshot and just show your screens. This would give you great user engagement data to run with. Check out my in-depth post on Creative Sets & happy to help you set them up :)
Thanks for your advice Tim! Yes it's the ratio of impressions to installs. If I change it to just Apple Search, I see it's going from 2.3% to 2.8% (as of this week).

I'm going to start a search ad campaign and test with different sets.
Nice! Please post some data later I'd love to see the results.

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